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Giselle English National Ballet

by admin on January 31, 2009

giselleI have never been to the Ballet, but I have to say I like the story line of Giselle a mix of darkness and light. I think the National Ballet put it better;

Giselle is the ultimate Romantic ballet, a tale of innocence, betrayal and the redemptive power of true love. English National Ballet’s traditional staging of this 1841 masterpiece moves from the sunny optimism of Giselle’s idyllic village life to a ghostly, moonlit world of mystery and menace.

Giselle is in love with the handsome Duke Albrecht, but when she discovers that he has deceived her she dies of a broken heart. By Giselle’s grave in a mist-wreathed forest glade, vengeful spirits of abandoned brides force men to dance to their death. Giselle returns as a ghost, and her deep love for Albrecht saves him from his fate.Giselle

Adolphe Adam’s music, played by English National Ballet’s symphony orchestra, is an exquisite accompaniment to the thoroughly magical choreography.

Then when you add the Independent on Sunday´s review

“The best Giselle you are ever likely to see”

it seems as though one has no choice but to go.The performance is from the 23rd to the 27th September 2009

Tickets are available from Ticketmaster

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