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Sir Cliff Richard and the Shadows 50 years later!

by admin on February 21, 2009

cliff_richard_and_shadowsAre they still going, well apparently so! Cliff Richard and the Shadows have teamed up together the first time in 20 years, in fact they started playing in the late 50´s and amazingly before I was born.

You just cannot dislike Cliff and the Shadows, I think they are so much apart of our culture for me any way. As I sit here writing this I still remember their two great films that at the time seemed to encapsulate summer holidays, if you pardon the pun of course “Summer Holiday and the Young Ones”

So 50 years later the will be in Manchester at the MEN Arena on the 17th and 18th October and you can get tickets from here.

My only question will be if he is staying at the Arora Hotel in Manchester, which he owns incidentally and happens to be the name of my Spanish tutor, which I have great trouble in pronouncing.

My guess is it will be a fantastic night for his die hard fans, but I am sure even for us who have some nostalgic memories.

Still my advice anyone going that hasn’t read his biography I do suggest you take time to read his page on Wikipedia, as it gives just about more depth to Sir Cliff Richard.

Rock on for another 50 years.


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