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Spandau Ballet album cover

Spandau Ballet

by admin on March 26, 2009

Well I have been looking forward to putting this post up for Spandau Ballet, as they where my favourite band along side Simple Minds, although I am sure both bands would not be so keen to be associated side by side.

So I was pleased to here that they have reformed for a reunion tour. The song that always springs to mind for me is Gold, as it was this that was used for the background music when the BBC showed the highlights of the Los Angeles Olympics back in 1984, when Seb Coe again won the gold again in the 1,500 meters.

OK sorry about that slight deviation, but hey that’s what music is all about memories and moments in time. So finally after 20 years apart they are on tour again and I am sure there will be huge interest in this New Romantic band or should we call it Old Romantics!

Tony Hadley will of course be fronting the band, as he did back in the 80´s and I am sure they will include their biggest hit True.

After the band split, Gary and Martin Kemp turned their hands to film and TV acting (Martin was best known for his role in Eastenders) and Tony Hadley continued to perform as a solo artist.

They will be in Manchester at the MEN Apollo on Wednesday 28th October 2009 – 7.30pm and tickets can be bought from here.

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