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The Specials

by admin on March 27, 2009

Can it be 30 years now since I listened to The Specials, my word I was 15 no wonder this band holds a special place in my memory.

For me it was “Ghost Town” which then was more than just a song it caught a moment in history, but ironically is more poignant now with most towns having their hearts ripped out, by the huge conglomerates and with the current credit crisis taking effect in the UK, it is becoming even more difficult to survive. So one thing is for sure we will hear Ghost town on their come back tour.

I thought this quote sums up the importance of the record

Nevertheless, Ghost Town was a remarkable record, The Specials single greatest achievement. Quite aside from it’s musical content – a doomy mesh of reggae rhythms, jazzy chord progressions and stabbing John Barry brass – there was the matter of its sheer prescience. As the track sailed to Number 1 in June 1981, its lyrical prediction – “the people getting angry” – was chillingly borne out. Riots erupted in Brixton and Liverpool’s Toxteth and spread around Britain’s deprived inner cities. No record in British pop history has ever collided with the news so acutely.
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The Specials will be preforming in Manchester at the Apollo on Sunday 3rd May 2009 – 7pm and tickets are available from here.

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