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The Saw Doctors

by admin on September 2, 2009

The Saw Doctors a Irish folk-rock band from County Galway, arrive in Manchester in December who take their name from craftsmen who once travelled from sawmill to sawmill sharpening and repairing saws.

The Saw Doctors have a keen following in Ireland and they hold the record for Ireland’s biggest-selling single of all time, “I Useta Lover, in 1990 the video of which is below.

As Irony would have it after recording “To win just once” band member Tony Lambert won the lottery close to 1 million Euro, and decided to leave the band, well do you blame him.

The band have a superb mix of music style, not afraid to poke fun at society.

The will be at the Manchester Apollo on December the 11th and tickets are available from here.

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